Freeform Zone Layouts

signage player zone editor

A feature of the signage system is to allow free form positioning of zones on a signage screen.

This means you can drag zones to where you want them on the screen and set their size. The primary reason for doing this is to be able to use a full screen zone as a background, then place smaller zones above it.

As each zone is an independent signage player, the background zone can either be a carousel of pages it displays one after the other or a static page.

The image below shows an example of this where the corkboard and top heading is a full screen page in a background zone with three different sized zones positioned on top of it.

signage player zone editor

The layout is easily created in the page editor. The zones are derived from normal text boxes that you enter some special text into that tells the player to convert them into zones.

The video below takes you through how this works and looks.

By careful placement of text and images in the pages being displayed in a background zone with relation to the players sitting above it, the background pages can compliment the foreground pages.

The system also supports many predefined player zone configurations to select from.

Signage Player Screen Configuration