Repair of an Onkyo CR-305FX that won’t switch on

Onkyo CR-305FX

I quite like these little HiFi units as they’re compact and unlike big AV receivers don’t have hundreds of screws to remove to get anything out!

Onkyo CR-305FX

When something won’t power up the power supply is the place to start looking. The power supply board in this receiver is attached to the mains transformer by soldering it directly to pins on the transformer which makes taking the board out difficult unless you take the entire transformer out.

onkyo CR-305FX not switch on

Anyway, a failed capacitor on the PSU board was preventing a power good signal getting to the CPU and once it had been replaced the unit burst into life. The capacitor is next to a regulator with a big heatsink on it and a high wattage resistor so I presume the heat got to it.

photo of a onkyo CR-305FX

If you have one that needs repairing please contact us with the fault description. Shipping costs in the UK are about £8.50 each way for this size unit. If it’s the typical failed capacitor we can fix it for £15.

I’ve uploaded a video to YouTube I made of how to repair one that won’t switch on.