Estate Agent Signage

estate agent signage screen

We’ve been looking at digital signage for estate agents that doesn’t involve having to upload property information to the signage system in addition to a website as nobody really wants to upload the same content to two different systems.

A lot of estate agents use WordPress and WP can produce a JSON feed. However a lot don’t so something more universal would be an easier approach. Also a typical JSON feed can be incredibly complicated and could take a month of Sundays to decode.

The solution was to build a site scraper, which is basically a bit of software that pulls information from a website.

In this instance we pull the link to the main property photo along with the details for each property from the site and store it in our CMS. This data is then put into a template and displayed on a screen.

The video below shows data pulled from a website and then displayed on a multizone signage screen. The appearance is defined by the template that the information is put into.

If you have a website and want to show any information from it on a signage screen in your office or building we can probably configure our site scraper to pull the information from your site and display it.

This can be used for any type of business, so could work just as well with a travel agents website for example.

Simply send us the URL of the  site along with what you want to display from it and we will have a look to see if we can easily get the data from it.

Send us an initial email without the link, then a second with the link as spam filters tend to delete things with links in them.

Estate Agent Digital Signage