Introducing the Newsboard

Orangevalley Newsboard

Blog Post:

We’ve created a new product called a Newsboard. In short it allows you to display the news from an RSS news feed in any of the screen display zones.

Showing RSS News Feeds on signage

This means you can display the news alongside any other content you want to display in any other zone all at the same time.

Normally RSS feeds on signage systems are shown as a scrolling message ticker along the bottom of the screen. The disadvantage with that approach is it covers up the bottom of the page so you would need to create display pages with that blocked off section of the screen in mind. It’s easy enough to do, the editor could show a protected ticker area but it’s not ideal and your pages will look odd if you display them on a screen without a ticker.

As the signage screens can be split up into many different zones the simple solution is to use an entire zone to show the news.

Taking it a step further, you could use all the zones to show different news feeds, thus creating a newsboard.

Display the latest news on signage screens