Control digital noticeboards from a mobile

Sigange controller running from a mobile

Blog Post:

You can’t beat a mobile phone for simplicity. Just about everybody has one, and they can be used for all manor of things without having to go near a PC or laptop.

There’s a huge number of apps that will put you phone photos into great templates to make images and videos for marketing or other uses. The files saved by those apps can be uploaded to NoticeboardLive and displayed on your signage screens, all from your phone.

A while ago we created a system for adding text into templates from a mobile that’s really fast because it’s like entering text into a forum. The text is then automatically slotted into a pre-selected template.

We now want to control more of the system from a mobile device as the convenience of them can’t be argued against.

The image below has some screen shots of the system we’re developing. It’s early in the development stage so its appearance will change, but it’s working and evolving into a very useful product.

Mobile Signage Controller

I doubt (time will tell!) if there will be a full on WYSIWYG page editor in the mobile version as the screens a bit too small but it does allow you to edit text and change photos and backgrounds in both templates and pages so you have lots of control, especially as you can easily create those with the desktop controller.

Signage control can be quite complex so the mobile controller offers a simplified compliment to the main controller. It will be great for general signage updating for people working from places where they wouldn’t normally have a laptop or PC with them.

Lots of small retailers are always using their phones to take product photos for social media, so you could use the same photos from your phone to update signage screens or tablets in your shop or building.

As it’s an HTML5 application it will run on any device that has a web browser, so there’s no software to install.

This is still in development but should be available shortly.