If ever there was a case for digital signage..

Square use floor markings graphic

I spent a fair amount of time creating some covid-19 safety graphics at the time England had a 2m social distance limit. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are all setting their own rules, as are other parts of the world.

Free Covid-19 Stay Safe Graphics

This is about to change to 1m.

A retailer being interviewed on the TV news was complaining that they had spent a lot of money getting signs made in view of the 2m distance rules, which are now about to change.

Digital signage is able to keep up with the changing rules without the expense of getting printed material redesigned and reprinted.

Our NoticeboardLive system is able to run just as well on small Android tablets (or anything that runs a web browser) as on PCs connected up to huge TV screens, so a basic signage system could just be a cheap space saving tablet.

Small tablets placed on your shop counter or on shop shelves won’t take up anywhere the space that a big screen does so can be a perfect solution for small retailers.