Making ‘Stay Safe’ Graphics for signage to use

Multiple social distance safety images

Blog Post – It’s not all programming and hardware, sometimes it’s simply creating some graphics for the signage system to use, or even to print out and put on the wall.

Everywhere you look there are safety graphics about keeping your distance from others, and while the graphic symbols don’t change much the messages around them do, and will probably continue to do so as we learn to adapt to this new way of living.

Designing graphics in affinity photo
Affinity Photo

As I know my around Affinity Photo I set to work creating some safety graphics that I’ve made available for free download.

Is Affinity Photo any good? I think so, it’s nowhere near as expensive as ‘that other well known package’ and I’ve used it for creating most of the graphics on this website along with using it to design stickers and cards and they all printed out perfectly.

Link is here: Free Covid-19 Stay Safe Graphics