Mini Website Builder for Kiosks

Everything is now about user interaction and digital signage systems are no different, especially since the introduction of kiosks, so to facilitate this the signage editor has the option to turn any text or picture into a link to another signage page on the system.

Create links to other pages from text or images

In the page editor simply select the text or picture you want to be a link, then in the link selector select the page to link to. That item will then become a clickable (touch) link to the page.

Add links to signage pages from other pages
Turn any text or photo into a touch link to another page

Once you have created a series of linked pages you can then send what is in effect a website to any of your screens by putting the ‘home’ page into the appropriate channel.

Any links in the page that are clicked or touched will load in that linked page.

Screens configured as multizone screens could show different websites on the same screen in different zones, or the sites can be mixed in with other zones showing conventional signage displays.

As an alternative, you can embed an existing website into a signage page.

Show External Web Pages on Signage Screens

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