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UltraWide Screen
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UltraWide screens are interesting with their 21:9 aspect ratio that gives you a very wide but narrow screen area.

If you haven’t seen one and don’t know what they look like, imagine your standard wide screen TV having the top half cut off while not altering its width.

Typically their pixel resolution is 2560 x 1080 (all UltraWide screens may not be the same) which gives you a further 640 pixels on the long side compared to a normal wide screen 1920 x 1080 resolution.

Are they useful for digital signage? They don’t appear to have made a lot of impact so far as I can tell, but where space is tight such as on the wall behind the counter of your average small town cafe or shop they could be the ideal solution.

Many retail outlets appear to be happy blocking off a lot of the light in small shop windows with normal widescreen displays running in portrait mode so an UltraWide screen in portrait mode would take up far less horizontal space while still attracting visitors.

To this end, our page editor now has an UltraWide page edit mode as shown below and above for making most use of this interesting display format.

signage page editor in UltraWide mode
Signage page editor in UltraWide mode

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