HTML5 Notice Board Controller

To users of our older system you might have noticed that the product images shown look different to the system that you have.

This is because we are moving away from the flash based control system to a new system written using the latest HTML 5 and JavaScript technologies. The reason for this is that Adobe have given an end of life date for the flash player as 2020. Obviously it will carry on working beyond that date but will no longer receive any security updates.

While plenty of people had good reason to dislike flash it was actually a very good fit for a digital signage controller and the Adobe Flex development platform was a very good flash development tool.

Fortunately, JavaScript has come along in leaps and bounds over the years and with better debuggers built into the browser is now a lot easier to develop with.

As few people like having to learn something new (including us!) we will try to keep the new system controller operating in more or less the same way as the previous system while giving it a more modern appearance.

All the old training videos are here