Digital Signage System

Cheap and easy to operate digital signage system and electronic noticeboard solutions.

Quickly and easily display your messages on multizone digital signage screens anywhere with an Internet connection.

A WYSIWYG page editor is built into the system. Use the editor to put your images and text exactly where you want them on the screen without having to use any other external applications.

Editor supports both portrait and landscape modes.

Pages scale up and down to look the same on both low and high resolution screens and in different size zones.

Use multiple RSS feeds to automatically add current world and local news to you screens.

Cloud based or run on your own premises. Both software and hardware solutions available.

Includes a room booking system to display meeting room information on screens outside meeting rooms.

Our noticeboard system has been used in many varied applications ranging from a racing stud to schools and colleges to oil rigs and the nuclear power industry, along with most things in-between.

With its ability to connect into your IT or production systems it's capable of displaying pretty much anything you want.

If you have a special requirement please get in touch via the contact form in the Contact Us section.

The system is also available as both a cloud solution with monthly subscription or  the old buy once and use forever model without any monthly fees.

If you have any questions or require support please use the contact form.