Digital Signage and Electronic Noticeboards

NoticeboardLive digital signage covers every use from advertising to staff noticeboards.

Multiple signage screens

No need to create display slides every time, just enter text into a simple form that’s auto slotted into a template and displayed.

Multizone display screens allow different items of content to be on view all at the same time, so is ideal if you want to replicate a traditional noticeboard.

From £12 | $16USD | €14EUR a month

Creating and displaying slides can be done in minutes. You have full creative control with the page editor.

NoticeboardLive is controlled from your web browser and the players are web browsers so no software to install.

NoticeboardLive Features

Built in Page editor
Quick text entry mode
Multizone displays
Import spreadsheet data
Embed external webpages
Playlists and carousels
Schedule content
Scrolling tickers
RSS news feeds
Create linked pages for touchscreen use

System overview

Signage Slide Editor

A powerful page or slide editor forms part of the signage content making process. This allows you to very quickly create attention grabbing display slides and templates for display on your screens.

Slides from the editor scale up and down to fit different display resolutions so a portrait slide will fit any resolution portrait screen.

Page loaded into a signage editor

More Info on the Editor

Playlist and Carousel Control

Create carousels and playlists of slides for display on your screens. This can be done directly from the page editor or in the carousel section.

Shows both a list and slide view of the content in your signage channels.

Signage manager carousel control

More Info on Playlists


Signage pages and playlists can be scheduled for display any time in the future.

More Info on Schedules

Media Manager

Manage your uploaded media and slides. Find items with the built in search. The media manager can also be used to view and change the content in your signage channels.

signage asset manager

Quick Message Mode

Quickly add text for display into the system that’s as easy as adding content to a forum.

The system will insert the individual messages into templates and display them on your screens. Messages can be edited, removed, published or hidden.

Multizone screens can be configured to display as many messages on the screen at the same time and create carousels of messages if the number of them exceed the number of display zones.

Digital Signage Players

Free player software to run on your own devices or we can supply a complete unit.

Our player software offers many different screen configurations from a full screen single zone to multiple zones where each zone displays its own channel of information and behaves like a completely independent signage screen.

We can supply the player configured to run on your NoticebordLive account so all you have to do is put it on your network. Player software is available to run on Windows, Android and Linux.

More Info on signage Players

Note that screenshots of the controller may vary as the product evolves.