Digital Signage and Electronic Noticeboard Systems

The Noticeboard Live system from Orangevalley Systems is a digital signage system incorporating all the latest web technologies to enable you to quickly and easily display information on screens throughout your organisation.

This can be a single screen in your reception area welcoming visitors to multiple screens in different departments or even different parts of the country.

Display screens can operate as a single screen or be split up into different zones, where each zone operates like a completely separate noticeboard system so each zone can show playlists and scheduled content.

Our systems have been installed in many sectors that include the oil industry, shipping, healthcare, hotels, education, the nuclear power industry and many others.

We are also happy to consider custom software solutions for specific functionality.

The signage system at a glance

 Cheap and easy to operate multi channel digital signage system and electronic noticeboards.

Quickly and easily display your messages on multizone digital signage screens. Our HTML5 signage controller gives you all the control you need right in your web browser.

Noticeboard Controller >

Noticeboard Editor

Built in Page Editor

Nobody want's to spend more time than is really necessary putting a message on a digital signage screen so the control system has a built in page editor that enables the quick creation of message pages.


Playlist Control

Single or multiple display pages can be sent to a display channel directly or put into a separate playlist that can be sent to any display channel now or in the future.

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Digital Signage Schedules


Signage pages and playlists can be scheduled for display any time in the future.

All sections of the controller have small page previews (top right) so you don't have to keep looking at the editor to check you are using the right page.

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Asset Manager

Manage your uploaded assets with the asset manager.


Scrolling Ticker Messages

Signage screens often have a scrolling text 'ticker' message running along the bottom of the screen. This section allows you to add tickers messages and even join different ones together.

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Digital Signage Players

The player is the device that drives the display screen.

Read about our multizone player where you can split the screen up into zones, where each zone displays its own channel of information.

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