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Digital noticeboards from Orangevalley Systems cover every use from retail advertising screens to general information noticeboards.

digital signage and electronic noticeboard screens

If you’re updating your advertising posters or noticeboards on a regular basis or want to display information on big TV screens you need an electronic noticeboard system from Orangevalley Systems.

Main Features

Upload flyers and images directly to a screen
Individual control of each screen
Landscape and portrait screens
Page editor
Multi-zone signage screens

System overview

Multiple Display Channels

Show different content on different screens by operating them in channels.

Give the channels names such as Reception or 1st Floor Noticeboard to easily identify the screen you’re sending content to.

Multiple pages in a channel will be shown in a carousel with an easily adjustable time interval.

Show different channels on the same screen by splitting it up into zones where each zone operates in its own channel.

More Info on Playlists

digital signage controller

Noticeboard Flyer Mode

Upload flyers or images directly to any screen with a couple of clicks.

Retain the traditional noticeboard look with lots of information on display all at the same time which is more useful than waiting for single pages in a carousel to be displayed.

Multiple flyers will be distributed around the signage screen automatically or shown as a series of single full screen images.

Make money from your signage screens by charging people to display their notices and posters.

Noticeboard Flyer Mode

multizone electronic noticeboard

Signage Page Editor

A built in page editor allows you to quickly and easily make attention grabbing pages for display on your signage screens.

You can upload marketing images created with DTP or graphics packages directly to a screen or into the editor.

The editor supports both landscape and portrait orientated signage screens.

More Info on the Editor

digital signage page editor


Signage pages and playlists can be scheduled for display any time in the future.

More Info on Schedules

Media Manager

Manage your uploaded media and pages. Quickly find items with the built in search.

The media manager can also be used to view and change the content on your signage screens.

Quick Pages using Templates

Enter text into the system as easily as adding a message to social media.

The system will insert the text into a template and display it on your screens. Individual messages can be edited, removed, published or hidden. Multiple messages will be shown one after the other in a carousel.

User Account Control

Restrict the display channels that different users can control.

Digital Signage Players

A player is the device you plug the signage screen into. Typically it’s a very small PC so it can be hidden out of the way. It automatically fetches and displays the required content.

The signage player software runs in a full screen web browser so any device that can run a web browser such as a PC can be used as a signage player.

Typically you start the browser in kiosk mode when the PC boots. Kiosk mode removes all the browser toolbars so it completely fills the screen.

The players are configured from the controller.

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