Digital Signage and Electronic Noticeboards

From a single screen in your reception area, to multiple screens around your building, the multi channel digital signage system from Orangevalley is the ideal solution for connecting your workplaces together, including working from home.


digital visitor welcome screen

Creating and displaying slides for display on your screens can be done in minutes.

It’s easy to operate, and is controlled from your web browser, giving you individual control of the content on each of your screens. You can also control it from your mobile.

For added flexibility, individual screens can be split up into different zones where each zone operates as an individual screen.

The system is cloud based, meaning you can control any of your screens via the Internet without needing to install any software.

System Overview

System overview

Signage Page Editor

A powerful page editor forms part of the signage content making process. This allows you to very quickly create attention grabbing display pages either from templates or in free form mode where you drag items to where you want them. Options to add headers, footers and columns of text to a page can be done quickly from a menu.

Page loaded into a signage editor
Noticeboard Page Editor

More Info on the Editor

Playlist Control

Single or multiple display pages can be sent to a display channel directly or put into a separate playlist that can be sent to any display channel now or in the future.

digital signage playlist Control
Playlist Control

More Info on Playlists


Signage pages and playlists can be scheduled for display any time in the future.

Page Scheduler
Page Scheduler

More Info on Schedules

Asset Manager

Manage your uploaded assets (photos etc) with the asset manager.

Scrolling Ticker Messages

Signage screens often have a scrolling text ‘ticker’ message running along the bottom of the screen. This section allows you to add ticker messages and even join different ones together.

Ticker Message Centre
Ticker Message Centre

More Info on Ticker Messages

Digital Signage Players

The signage player is the device that connects to the display screen for showing content.

Our multi-zone player allows you to split the screen up into zones, where each zone displays its own channel of information and behaves like a completely independent signage screen.

Raspberry Pi Digital Signage Player
Signage Player

 More Info on signage Players

Note that screenshots of the controller may vary as the product evolves.